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Bernadette Martin - Host - Storytelling Salons
Hello, bonjour and thank you for your interest in the Storytelling Salons. Launched in 2016 (with almost 100 to date), the Storytelling Salons are a modern-day reflection of the 17th and 18th century Parisian Salons, adapted to the 21st century. Storytelling Salons gather online and in Paris, storytelling enthusiasts from across the globe featuring a Storyteller (performers, musicians, artists, writers), who ENTERTAIN, ENTHRAL, ENLIGHTEN and share their story.

My story - I am originally from Los Angeles of Irish, German, and French descent and have lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the US.  Since 2002, I call Paris and Seattle home and feel truly “Euro-American”. As host of the Storytelling Salons, I am delighted to welcome virtually and in Paris, guests from all walks of life and nationalities who share a passion for storytelling.
Yours in story,