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Berkeley Haas Alumni Network (Silicon Valley Chapter)

Found in 2000, the Haas Alumni Network (HAN) Silicon Valley chapter is part of the Haas Alumni Network, which comprises of 29 worldwide alumni chapters and over 86 regional representatives who serve as ambassadors for the Haas School of Business.  The mission of the Haas Alumni Network is to engage alumni in the advancement of the Haas School of Business, and provide superior opportunities for personal and professional growth through a lifetime connection to Haas and to one another.


Our chapter’s events attract hundreds of attendees a year representing business and alumni communities, as well as alumni from other institutions. Having been named Chapter-of-the-Year within the Haas Alumni Network multiple times, our chapter continues to deliver exceptional programs and cultivate new and experienced Haas alumni leaders to take part in living and breathing our Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles in everything that we do.


The Haas School’s Defining Principles are: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself.


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