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Belle-'s Rope Studio and BootCamp

Rope Studio is going to be a monthly class open to members of the community for $15/couple. The topics will vary and there will occasionally be guest presenters. The format is going to be quite new as well. There will be one hour of direct instructional time about the day's topic and then an hour of guided practice time for students about that topic. Finally there will be 2 hours of open practice time for students to work on anything they are interested in with access to the instructor(s). The last 2 hours will be open to people that did not attend the class but they will not have the direct assistance of the instructor(s) during that time.

Rope BootCamp is designed for those people that are looking to learn suspension. It is an 8-week course, much like a ballet class or a gymnastics class. You buy the entire session and dedicate the eight weeks and by the end of it, you will be doing suspensions. This session will be held during July and August, every Sunday afternoon. The cost for the entire 8-weeks of education is $200/couple. Included in this is 24 hours of instructional time. There are no pre-requisites for entering the BootCamp and it is open to the community.


For the entire year (2 tickets to every class) of education costs $300. 

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