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Belladonna Boheme

Belladonna is renowned for her groundbreaking and powerful approach to sword dancing. Beyond her dancing training, her experience in Medieval reenacting and years of research, practice and performance, has lead her to develop a unique system of sword work, unlike any other. Due to the popularity of this approach and her love of dancing with a sword, she has created a sword training and certification program to help dancers who are inspired by her work, take their sword-wielding to the next level.


Imagine an entire weekend of sword work! All swords, all of the time!! And every intensive weekend includes a Sea of Swords hafla! The only Bellydance show in the world (thus far) to feature ALL sword work! You won’t hear it here… “we already have a sword dancer”… we are ALL sword dancers! Each dancer has their own expression, a story to tell and a unique dance to share. We want to share in our sword sisterhood (and brotherhood) and celebrate your love of dancing with a sword!