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Bay Area Meditation

I am an intuitive healer, and certified holistic stress management instructor with over 20 years of practice in meditation, metaphysics and energy work, I channel with each client I work with, seeing beyond the physical, I help guide you through the blockages that are created over lifetimes and self created through negative thought programs.  We are a collection of incredible souls sharing a human experience here to learn how to love ourselves and eachother.  Mastering our beautifully complex and infinite minds is the key to reaching our greatest potential.


Everyone encounters intense and difficult situations in life that leave us questioning why things don’t work out the way we expect. After much reflection you may come to the conclution that everything that surrounds us, is actually a reflection of what is within us. The chaos and the beauty.  The key is to find balance and peace between it all.  

                                In comes MEDITATION.


Finding balance in our society is challenging no matter where you live. If you are not aware of the simple tools that are available to help find your solid inner peace, The undealt internal clutter will always resurface and you will find yourself feeling in a lower frequency as time passes, this opens your body to illness and confustion.


Mediation is a powerful and practical way to reconnect with yourself allowing you to have control over the health of your mind and body. 

My goal is to assit you in your rediscovery and recognition of these tools while you raise your vibration!

Health starts in the mind!  Without a clear healthy mind you cannot have a clear healthy body! Medical studies around the world are confirming the importance of meditation.  Learn about the important science of mediation by clicking here!

Lets Get started!

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