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Batman's nemesis is rather distinct. Joker trailer37

The smile is strangely strange. " Aquaman" that was a marine adventure masterpiece can be wonderful," Shazam!" Is DC Comics' film. Meanwhile, the trailer of the movie" Joker (original title)" which seems to be a quite different work was released. Birthman of Batman's nemesis, Joker In 1981 Gotham City, this work depicts the visual appeal of a comedian, Arthur Fleck, who isn't going upward, becoming a killer joker. I am thrilled to draw some joker with a huge tragic feeling distinct from the movie version! Batman is unlikely to look, but the kid who was forced to grin by the joker about 1:47 of the video was a young Bruce Wayne. Thomas Wayne, his father, appeared on TV. Perhaps it seems as though it is about the death... Does it make sense that Joker generates Batman? He's not a great actor to win an Academy Award, also conduct the eccentricities involving two years to announce a blind jump into the singer surprising, actually ultra-large-scale Shot in documentary film"imagine such a state, Joaquin・ The proprietor of a mad career that was released as"Phoenix". It is just a joker. The script for this particular work is thought to have been heavily affected by Martin Scorsese's film" King of Comedy". "King of Comedy" is really a narrative about a guy who would like to turn into a celebrity, getting obsessed with the delusion that he can't distinguish between truth and delusion and run off. Warner has been steadily building the world starting with"Man of Steel", but this function is set up as a single work that doesn't belong to the universe. DC and Marvel comics will also be famous for being put in one large world, but in reality , there are a great deal of short-cut works that are separated by the real world. Is the same as such a work. I like enormous universes, but I like short stories which develop with bold interpretations and fresh elements in familiar character stories. It can be said that the method of developing the movie is similar to an American comedian, so I'm excited! The movie"Joker" will be released in Japan in November 2019.
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