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Bass Christopher & Associates Webinars

At Bass Christopher & Associates, our mission is to help organizations and sales professionals overcome the two most crippling challenges facing sales today:


1) not having enough qualified leads or prospects in the funnel AND


2) not winning enough sales.


Our weekly webinars are designed to provide you, the attendee, with access to the same training materials that attendees get at our live events or in-house workshops all without the added travel. The great thing about webinars is that you can participate in them from the comforts of your home, your office, your car, or even while at your child's basketball or ballet practice.


Each webinar you will give you the opportunity to learn and master various skills that lead to generating more qualified leads for your pipeline and ultimately winning more business.


These  topics covered during the weekly sessions will include: understanding the math or the numbers that will drive your activities;  prospecting;  finding the "right prospect";  leveraging the right communications channel ( phones, emails, Social Media, text, direct mail, in-person, networking, etc.…);  effectively getting in front of your ideal customer;  engaging and qualifying the opportunity effectively so that you know which opportunities should be moved to the next steps of selling, which should be nurtured and which opportunities should be discarded.  


Additional topics include: effective presentation; overcoming barriers and objections; negotiating; getting agreement; closing;  post sign up  delivery and implementation,; follow up, just to name a few.


Feel Free to sign up for just one or try them all.  


Remember spots are always limited.  Don't miss out by waiting too late.


If you are looking for a group discount or looking for a multiple session discount, give us a call directly at 818.722.1240 to discuss your request.




Bass Christopher & Associates


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