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Balog Combat Systems

Instructor Qualifications: 

Instructor Balog |  Instructor Grace | Instructor Derek

Mission Statement:

The mission of Balog Combat Systems is to provide cutting-edge techniques, options and tactics as well as utilizing tried and true methods of self-defense. At Balog Combat Systems we create an environment of blended learning with factual based information and realistic hands-on training.


B.C.S. founders are full-time law enforcement officers with a history in the military. B.C.S. is based out of the American Legion Post 183 in Genoa City, Wisconsin and travels to other venues to teach seminars, such as Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, Oak Creek, Kenosha, Milwaukee area as well Northern Illinois region.

What we offer:

Balog Combat Systems DBA B.C.S. offers a range of services based on our skills, training, and experiences. Take a look at the B.C.S. team profiles page to see our members resumes. The owners have been teaching concealed carry classes for charity events, such as American Legion Posts, and the Lake Geneva Jaycees since circa 2009. In August of 2017 B.C.S. was formed with the motto "PRAYING FOR PEACE, PREPARED FOR WAR".

Finally, as a company just over a year old we have made great bounds and leaps towards our mission as our positive impact on the community we serve. I am requesting you keep our company in the back of your mind whenever you feel our services can help anyone you know. Your word of mouth referral is worth more than any advertisement we could ever pay for and we know and appreciate that! With that said.

Courses we offer:

  • Concealed Carry & Firearm Safety for CCW Permit
  • Self Defense for Women
  • Blended Family Self Defense
  • Cyber Bullying & How to React
  • Active Shooter Survival Course
  • Shooting Lesson & Fundamentals for Handgun & Rifle
  • Professional Communication & De-Escalation Techniques
  • Church Security Team Development Training
  • Firearm Safety for Children
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Development & Review to meet required OSHA guidelines

Not all of our courses are linked on our website due to the unique training differences from business to business or family to family. If you have a question about one of these courses, just send an email to me. I usually respond to my emails quite quickly. (

Other Services we offer:

  • Security & Protection -
  • Products/Gear/Merchandise - Military; LE; EMS; FIRE; Camping; Survival Supplies and products shipped right to you.

As always, reach out to us at (262) 249-6878 (texting is fine) or you can email me at with any questions that may arise.

Your review is extremely important to us as it helps others find us. Please take the time to complete at least one review. I promise it won’t go unnoticed!


Jeff Sperandeo AKA (Instructor Grace)

Serving: Genoa City, Lake Geneva, Burlington, Elkhorn, Milwaukee areas, Oak Creek, Kenosha, Chicago Area's and throughout the Greater Lakes Area of Wisconsin & Illinois. Balog Combat Systems main location is located in Genoa City, WI.

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