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Ballets Russes Arts Initiative


Ballets Russes Arts Initiative is a non-profit organization that fosters creative exchange in the visual and performing arts between the US and the post-Soviet States. BRAI conceives and organizes collaborative, creative and educational programming by building institutional partnerships with museums, performing companies, universities and individual art-makers.


BRAI aspires to be a broker of innovative collaboration between American and post-Soviet audiences and institutions, leading to exchange of ideas and developing greater cultural understanding between people. Inspired by the innovative and international aesthetic legacy of the Ballets Russes, BRAI was founded in 2007 (as Ballets Russes 2009, it later became Ballets Russes Cultural Partnership, and more recently Ballets Russes Arts Initiative). The organization's goal was to broaden the cross-border sharing of cultural riches by addressing two challenges that hinder successful engagement: the underdeveloped institutional and personal relationships between the diverse American and post-Soviet cultures, as well as arts institutions that are burdened with multiple objectives. BRAI serves the general public as well as students, scholars and seniors, focusing its energies not only on major metropolitan but satellite communities. In facilitating the meeting of American and post-Soviet cultures, BRAI strives to enrich the arts and disseminate novel ideas and approaches that lead to cultural flowering and harmonious international dialogue.