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The Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship is housed within the Lewis Institute for Social Innovation at Babson College. The mission of the Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship is to create opportunities for Babson faculty and students, and the greater global health community, to apply Babson’s ET&A methodology to the world’s greatest healthcare challenges.

Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship as a field of study and practice that aims to (1) Improve Existing Healthcare Organizations & Processes, (2) Create New Organizations and Processes, (3) Improve How Organizations Keep All Stakeholders Healthy, with a focus on healthcare practices in the U.S. and abroad. This definition of GHE utilizes strategic, cultural, and political lenses to meet these aims. 
Many of today’s global health challenges are managerial, not medical. Due to significant advances in modern medicine during the 20th century (from penicillin to flu vaccines to antiretroviral therapy), we now know how to treat and/or prevent the diseases that top mortality charts worldwide. As a result of these medical breakthroughs, the question for those working in global health shifts from “How do we treat this disease?” to “How do we ensure access to quality healthcare?” The barriers to delivering quality care are many, and they require us to think not just about one specific disease but rather about health systems overall. Entrepreneurial thought and strategic action help us re‐envision the global health agenda and think differently about the paths to poverty alleviation. 

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