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Avenida de Colores 501c3 international cultural arts organization

Our nonprofit is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers and artists who have taken the Chalk Festival with humble beginnings, to what it is today - the largest gathering of renowned pavement artists and the largest display of 3D pavement illusions in the world. 

We are 100% volunteer, even our event director is a volunteer as well as the artists, who donate their time and talents. We raise funds to pay for the hard costs to put the Chalk Festival on, such as rental of the airport fairgrounds, rental of warehouse and office, amenities such as tents, restrooms and trash/recycling, insurance, security/traffic control, office supplies and marketing, lots and lots of art supplies, travel, lodging, and food for the artists. 

We thank you for supporting this international event that has become a global community of pavement art enthusiasts. By purchasing a ticket, you are also a part of our success!