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Avazzia, Inc.


Avazzia…  and    Founded in 2004 to design, manufacture, and distribute scientifically advanced, innovative FDA accepted healthcare products and software. Developed Biofeedback Electro-Stimulation Technology (BEST™) products and uncommon solutions to address contemporary healthcare concerns. Mission : Non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical
relief of pain
Vision : Freedom and beauty of health AVAZZIA's line of BEST™ devices are handheld, battery operated, and user friendly products developed for effective, long-lasting relief of pain characterized with the following: Computer controlled Pulsed high voltage signals Damped asymmetrical biphasic sinusoidal waveform Low duty cycle Micro-current Biofeedback


BEST™ devices include: Therapeutic devices Prescription devices Cosmetic use devices, and Devices for veterinary use
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