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Author of Overboard Creations

We are a home based blogger site, our blog site loves to join in Blog parties and we like you to be featured in our next blog party event. By joining in we will featuring your blog as a type of card designer. Gaining in the Blog party fun as well. Readers will be able to link to your card type you personally designed and name of design. When they click on to your link, they are now able to read your encrediable design feature. They are now in your hands browsing your website, now we got them there, have beautiful features to keep them interested.


Advertising is a great key to all Entrepreneur and we like to help you advertise for free. As you probably already know, marketing your business online is a must if you hope to attract new customers. we would like to help in any way possible. Why? am I doing this. I want to get to know my readers, writers, bloggers as well. Some of the key to success is also have some one to read my articles. I like writing, butterflies and blogging. So here's a way for me to interect with readers as well as bloggers out there. Plus I like WOW Widgets is another fun site i designed.  I enjoy comments, and playing on the internet, making list, and I have a sort of OCD about things. So let me use my talents , and my desire to play on the internet to create something fun.

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