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Author Extraordinaire Gen Georget & Facilitator Shannon Ledford


My name is Genevieve...but you can call me Gen...

I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a daughter and I am a grand-daughter. I am a sister. I am a niece and I am an aunt. I am a friend. I am a child of God. I am addicted to Facebook. I am the year of the horse and Gaelic for white wave. I am a summer baby and the sign of Cancer. I am a reader and I am a storyteller. I am putting my life on paper. I am the victim of people's hair fetishes. I am a lover of Gap commercials and strawberry season. I am a Starbucks junkie. I am a hockey fan. I am a lover and not a fighter. I am lost without peanut butter. I am the alter ego of a wolf and a politician in a past life. I am urban and I am in love. I am happiest at home and most comfortable in my flip-flops. I am a fabulous photograph on my drivers license. I am an only child and the baby of the family. I am a work in progress and always in recovery from something. I am trying to let go and still reaching for your hand. I believe that naps and dancing in the kitchen can cure just about anything. I am often wondering what happens next. I am proof that time heals all wounds. I am a hopeless romantic and madly in love. I am a believer that everyone has a story and I am still unwritten. I am a frequent visitor of any bookstore and I am a woman of mystery. I am craving chocolate. I am searching for answers and I am enchanted by my friends. I am tripping on toy cars and I am constantly cleaning up cheerios. I am afraid of thunderstorms and losing the people that I love. I am raising my hands to the heavens and I am thanking my lucky stars. I am almost always found on one side of a camera and I often feel that music is the only thing left that makes sense in the world. I am living and I am learning. I am convinced, as the saying goes, not all who wander, are lost.

Basically, I'm just a girl. Writing herself into wholeness.


Shannon is the mama to a 3 year old rainbow unicorn. Her daughter keeps her steeped in magic and processing life lessons. She is the wife to her hunky husband.

Shannon is the host and creatrix of the Honor The Feminine Podcast. She is blessed to share the amazing women in her life and how they honor the feminine and stay in touch with their intuition. She wells up with emotion when she thinks about this and the beauty it has created in her life and radiates to the world.

She is the leader of an amazing group of women all over the country that impact health and inspire their communities. It is so beautiful to walk a sacred path with them as they enliven the leader in each other. She deeply believes that there is a leader within each of us that desires to be enlivened and share her gifts with the world.

Shannon a priestess who is finding her way in all the areas of her joyously full life. 

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