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Austin J Haines

Austin is the creator and founder of the nationally known inspirational coaching program called Free Will Dream.  As a Certified Strategic Interventionist, Austin has hundreds of hours in formal Life Strategy Training.  More importantly, he has thousands of hours in real life training.  He has worked with people from all different social and economic backgrounds, helping them to gain clarity and take action on their dreams.  His mission is to help people increase their belief in what's possible and inspire them to fulfill their life dreams.  Although Austin had a successful life, he realized that he never pursued a Life Dream.  He shortly learned that over 80% of people, never even pursue their dreams for various reasons.  Mainly, there is one critical reason people never get clear and take action on their dreams.  Austin uncovered this reason and has a story and a message everyone must hear. 


Mr Haines has met with and / or been trained by some of the best in the industry including the late great Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Darren Hardy (Editor in Chief of Success Magazine), James MacNeil (Creator of Verbal Aikido), & Tony Robbins to name a few.  As a matter of fact, Austin was on a team that supports the major events that Tony Robbins conducts.  These events support thousands of people from all over the world.  Austin has honed his craft over the past 20 years and is ready to serve you at the highest level.  He pours his heart out every time he speaks in front of a live audience.


Austin is a former VP of PR for Camden County Toastmasters, and an avid fitness fan who loves inspiring people through speaking and coaching. He recently sold his house in the suburbs and moved to Philadelphia to pursue a dream of living in a high rise in the city.  Click here to see what Austin’s clients have to say about him…

“I know most people never even try to pursue their dreams.  I want to truly inspire people to discover, pursue, and fulfill their dreams.” ~Austin J Haines

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