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Augustine Colebrook

Augustine is an internationally recognized midwifery educator, experienced business executive, and veteran midwife with a heart focused on the underserved. She respects a woman’s need for the empowering feeling of being undisturbed during labor. She balances this attention to the sacred with 20 + years experience attending births in hospitals, birth centers, and homes in rural, urban and suburban environments in the US and abroad. Augustine’s focus is finely attuned to the process of letting go and opening to the unknown in labor and in life.

Her life's mission is to mainstream midwifery and deconstruct the culture of fear and misinformation that surrounds maternity care around the world. To that end, Augustine 'midwife's the midwife' through her many education programs, consulting services, product development, podcast and private coaching services for midwives, students, maternity practice owners, and birth center administrators. It is her profound honor to illuminate the sacred path to joyful and sustainable midwifery practice.

She has been teaching midwives and students for more than a decade and delights in seeing the 'lightbulb' when a new skill or concept is mastered. Augustine caught her first client’s baby on Mother’s Day 1999 in South Carolina. Over the last 20 years she has been blessed to work with over 1000's of families and hundreds of students. She is a certified professional midwife and a member of the Midwives Alliance of North America, a preceptor with 8 different MEAC accredited schools nationwide, a certified preceptor with the North American Registry of Midwives and a member of the Association of Midwifery Educators. Her newest creation is the Worldwide Midwifery Podcast, uniting the midwives of the world through sharing information, education, support and story.

Augustine has been interviewed for Mothering, Parents, and Parenting Magazine, is featured in a chapter of "The Business of Baby" by Jennifer Margulis and appears in the documentary, "The Vaccine Wars" on Frontline NBC.  Additionally, Augustine has a master’s degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA where she majored in Maternal/Child Health Systems. In her spare time, Augustine leads adventure retreats for women hesitant about the unknown. She loves to travel and is passionate about real food, sustainable communities and clean energy, tiny houses and safe birth that feels sacred.