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Audri Jacques Breathwork

Audri Jacques is dedicated to beauty and the restoration of harmony between humanity, our earth, the masculine a feminine and the creation of a world worth inheritance by future generations. 

Raised in Illinois, surrounded by a household of Western Medical professionals, she immersed herself in social work serving the underprivileged, psychologically challenged, and the recovery community.

Searching for contrast, she then traveled to Peru where she was exposed to highly skilled, indigenous teachers who focused on the holistic treatment of illness through plant based detox and “right relation”. Upon returning to the states, she studied the roots of Compassion Based Therapy, Astrology, Human Design, and genetic sciences, and connected with the inherent wisdom of the earth through biodynamic farming.

Audri was then called West Coast in pursuit of a service based, holistic career where she would combine her keen knowledge with active research, development and assimilation of the South American and Eastern Therapeutic Traditions she acquired during her studies.

She has traveled and managed The Breath Center’s International Healing Arts Movement tours and facilitated thousands at transformational gatherings. She was also responsible for initiating relations and developing partnership between Bastyr Naturopathic University and The Breath Centers educational services.

Audri holds certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga RYT, Dr. John Veltheim’s Body Talk, Ceremonial Pranayama Facilitation and San Fransiscos "James Fox" Prison Yoga. 

She shares these practices and teachings through the vehicle of gentle and powerful breath work, holding space for the healing of the collective through the awakening and transformational of the individual.

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