Attorney Ernest B. Fenton

Attorney Ernest B. Fenton is quite the character. While it’s cool and cliché to say in many circles, “I am

unconventional and outside the box thinker,” his life actually reflects that he most certainly is. His

journey began humbly on the south side of Chicago in the early 70’s. At seventeen he enlisted

in the military; travelled Europe by eighteen; received an honorable discharge from the military at

nineteen. After the military he enrolled at Chicago State University where he began to excel

academically. To date, he is the sole graduate of Chicago State University to be attend Harvard Law

School. Oh yea, he did that too. In 1994, he began his first year in Law School. After interning at the

Kenyan Human Rights Commission in Nairobi, Kenya during the summer of 1995, he decided to start a


In less than six months after coming up with the idea to start selling African artifacts and jewelry, Ernest

opened what would be the first of a total four stores over his seven (7) year retail business lifespan. He

credits much of his current success as the Managing Attorney of his boutique law firm, The Law Office of

Ernest B. Fenton, to his experience in retail. Although, Ernest was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1998, he

did not begin his legal career some four years later, in 2001.

He started his practice in the unfinished bathroom of a property he purchased in a south suburb of

Chicago with his sister hired on as his part time paralegal. Seven years later his firm had grown to

include several attorneys and paralegals. More important he became one of the more successful and

prominent foreclosure defense firms in Chicago during the Great Recession.

His advocacy lead him to share legal, business and life tips on local radio stations around Chicago in

2008. Consequently, he was given an opportunity to host his own show on AM1690 WVON, “The Social

Justice Hour.”

Strangely, but not, he has also carved out quite the following for his relationship advice;

yes, that too!

At present, Ernest has expanded his practice to include Real Estate, Corporate, Asset Protection and

Foreclosure Defense and other Civil Litigation. In 2019, he released his first book, F*CK the ODDS, How

to Bet on You, and Win. The book is an inspirational journey into Ernest’s experiences with tools to

teach the reader how to better learn to “fail forward” and capture the courage to follow their dreams.

In 2020 he was installed as the interim host of the Morning Show on AM1690 WVON.

He finds enjoyment working out, collecting art and travelling the World with his wife Marissa.

Professional Areas of Expertise:

  • Real Estate (Transactions, Investment, Contracts, Foreclsoure)
  • Asset Protection (Trusts, LLC’s, Powers of Attorney)
  • Corporate (Business Formation, Operations, Start Up, Branding)

Personal Areas:

  • Dating and Relationships
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