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Attic Witchcraft Presents

"To some people, the idea that "Magick" is practical comes as a surprise. It shouldn't. The entire basis for Magick is to exercise influence over one's environment. While Magick is also, and properly so, concerned with spiritual growth and psychological transformation, even the spiritual life must rest firmly on material foundations. 
Magick can, and should, be used in one's daily life for better living!
Each of us has been given Mind and Body, and surely we are under Spiritual obligation to make full usage of these wonderful gifts. Mind and Body work together, and Magick is simply the extension of this interaction into dimensions beyond the limits normally conceived. That's why we commonly talk of the "super-normal" in connection with domain of Magick.
The Body is alive, and all Life is an expression of the Divine. There is god-power in the Body and in the Earth, just as there is in Mind and Spirit. With Love and Will, we use Mind to link these aspects of Divinity together to bring about change. 
With Magick we increase the flow of Divinity in our lives and in the world around us. We add to the beauty of it all - for to work Magick we must work in harmony with the Laws of Nature and of the Psyche. 
Magick is the flowering of the Human Potential. 
Practical Magick is concerned with the Craft of Living well and in harmony with Nature, and with the Magick of the Earth, in the things of the earth, in the seasons and cycles and in the things we make with hand and Mind." - Earth, Air, Fire, & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott Cunningham
If every race deserves to be here and they do. And, we need everyone's way of thinking for diversity. Then we need all religions so that everyone has a path to divinity. 
Witchcraft is a path of connecting to our natural selves, the natural world and is a vehicle to deepen the spiritual experience with your religion, god or goddesses.

 I hope you can join me in finding new ways of making this human experience just a little bit more magical!

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