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Stewart Dawes

Atomic Social Media 

Stewart Dawes started publishing his first website in 1998, a guide to cafes and restaurants in Sydney. In 2003 he started a second cultural guide website and today both websites attract over 3000 daily readers.

Along the way he immersed himself in the science of SEO (search engine optimisation). Twitter was his next step, and the openness and speed of this microblogging platform compelled him to immediately start seven personal twitter accounts based on niche interests, all of which he still runs, plus over 30 accounts for his clients which are also still expanding every day.

The benefits to his clients of being cross-pollinated via cheerleading Twitter accounts as well as on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest and via multiple websites ranking high on Google are proving to be infinite, as they embrace the ROI of the internet at ever-more advanced interweaving levels, leaving their competitors choking in the dust of their bricks and mortar businesses.

Stewart's main personal twitter account @sydneycafes has over 10,000 followers - all of them organically-derived, authentic accounts, a significant majority of whom are in Sydney.

Currently he delivers social media workshops to state and local governments, businesses and university schools of business as well as post-graduate extra-curricular organisations.

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