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Athena Institute of Healing Arts

Our Purpose

            To create and establish a world-class facility in Melbourne to empower women going through relationship breakdown and victims of family violence by providing the following services under one roof -

  • Accommodation
  • Legal Assistance
  • Financial Advice
  • Career Advice
  • Education on good physical health
  • Self-Development through use of mindset, philosophy and practical spiritual tools
  • Mentor or Support Networks


Our Mission

            To educate and empower 3.6 Billion people on 7 pillars of holistic health, in-turn leading them to make empowered choices.

         The 7 pillars of holistic health are

         1.    Self-Development

o   Learn to manage movement of spiritual energy

   2.    Physical Health

o   Create and maintain healthy eating habits

   3.    Career

o   Make informed career choices

   4.    Recreation/Hobbies

o   Define, refine and share the hobbies or skills with like-minded people                             

   5.    Finance

o   Monetize your skills and empower people

   6.     Communication

o   Communicate in clear, concise and creative manner

   7.      Happy & Healthy Relationships

o   Co-create happy and healthy relationships

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