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Asian Cultural Center U.S.A

Founded in 1999, the Asian Cultural Center, an affiliated member of the Asian Culture and Media Group, has offices in New York, New Jersey and Boston. Since its establishment, the Asian Cultural Center has dedicated itself to presenting and spreading Chinese culture and art, and fostering Sino-American cultural exchange. The center has successfully held performances, exhibitions, academic forums and other events across the United States, highlighting and sharing the beauty of Chinese culture and traditions.

美国亚洲文化中心于1999年在纽约成立, 是美国亚洲文化传媒集团旗下机构之一,目前在纽约、新泽西、波士顿和华盛顿分别设有分部。亚洲文化中心成立以来,以弘扬中华文化,推广华文教育,促进中美友好交流为宗旨,致力于中华文化的海外传播,曾多次承办中国顶级艺术团体访美大型文艺演出、展览、户外嘉年华和学术讲座等活动。美国亚洲文化传媒集团旗下机构还包括美东《侨报》以及美国中文电视(Sinovision TV)等。


The Asian Cultural Center has regularly held cultural exchange events with varying form and content. “Cultures of China: Festival of Spring”, “Cultures of China: Scholars Forum”, and “Greater Boston Chinese American Youth Symphony Orchestra” have become the center’s more recognizable signature projects.

“Cultures of China: Festival of Spring”: Since the Spring festival of 2009, the “Cultures of China: Festival of Spring” annual event, organized by the Overseas Exchange Association of China, has held performances across continents where overseas Chinese people live. The “Cultures of China, Festival of Spring” event has sponsored many elite artists and performers from China, who are sent abroad to help present Chinese art and promote enjoyment, understanding, interaction, and global appreciation of Chinese culture.

“Cultures of China: Scholars Forum”: Organized by the Overseas Exchange Association of China, the event invites renowned Chinese scholars and educators to lecture overseas. The Asian Cultural Center has worked with Yi Zhongtian, Wang Liqun, Yu Dan, Cheng Kai and other distinguished scholars for this series event.


The Asian Cultural Center is devoted to Chinese education, distributing Chinese textbooks, training Chinese educators, and organizing summer exploring-your-heritage trips for Chinese American teenagers to China. In 2010, the Asian Cultural Center opened its Confucian Classroom and established its New York Mandarin School. The center is also active in collaborations between Chinese and American colleges and universities. It has been the U.S. admissions representative for Jinan University and other colleges in China. The center has also worked with Harvard University to continually hold the “China Education Forum” in 2012 and 2013.

Asian Fusion Gallery

The Center’s affiliated Asian Fusion Gallery is located at 15 East 40th Street 12th Floor in Midtown Manhattan, just one block away from Grand Central. The 5,000 square foot gallery has two skylights and a 12” high ceiling, in addition to being fully equipped, with exhibit panels, professional stage lighting, multimedia control panel, HD projector, LED Spotlights, surround sound, wireless speakers, wireless internet, a Steinway piano and VIP room. The gallery is an ideal place to hold exhibitions, indoor concerts, fashion shows, lectures, press conferences, job fairs, and business receptions.

Publishing and Printing

The affiliated printing company of Asian Culture and Media Group has modern facilities and technology and a complete range of printing capability. It is equipped with newspaper printing machines and color tablet presses with high-speed color wheels, with the ability to color print newspapers, posters, books, pictures and other materials. The company is one of the largest Chinese printing companies in New York. Based on this foundation, Asian Cultural Center Publishing is currently under construction. With the Asian Culture and Media Group’s experience, the Publishing is expected to be built soon.


     一 “文化中国”品牌系列文化活动
     二 中文教材代理及推广
     三 “寻根之旅”杰出华裔青少年夏令营
     四 中文教师培训
     五 社区服务活动

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