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Arab Creativity Development Foundation


Arab Creativity Development Foundation is an Arab partner of Cultural Exchange Foundation,major international universities and research institutions around the world

And is interested in Arab creators minds developing through creative minds conferences, training camps and Sports, Educational & Cultural Tours

Believing that the world simply did not exist outside of the individual creative mind

And if the world did not exist, it also meant that other minds or individuals did not exist either

So we helping the children to grow up happy, inquisitive, creative and unique

From 2001 till 2017

It sponsors Arab orphan creators in poor countries and develops their creative capacities

Expressive arts include activities such as dancing, drawing, drama, creative....

All associated with similar brainwave patterns and mind-body changes

It also supports, empowers and assists Arab women through psychological counseling, psychological and community problems, training and funding

We welcome you to the Seventh Creative Minds Conference in Cairo from 10 to 15 January 2018, where we will take a different approach: to inform and announce donor institutions and programs so that creators can know and help them to continue creativity.

We invite you to participate in the activities of the conference and send a team to present your successful experience and give you value to benefit the creative minds

Thank you very much and appreciation

Donate today to help us continue providing life's essentials to orphans

Your donation is a meaningful symbol of love and hope

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