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April Malloy Peacock

Founder: April Malloy

April's beginnings define the true meaning of struggle. She went through major abuse as a child to being a foster kid in numerous foster homes.

April started with some small construction jobs at 15 to pay for school, cheerleading uniforms, and clothes–it was then she discovered she had a knack for construction, but wouldn't realize the potential of her talent for years to come.

April doesn't look like a construction contractor or that she has nine kids. She has struggled in a male dominated industry. This is when she knew she had to do something to help other women by becoming outspoken to end bullying and to help other women to be paid and treated equally. When clients don't pay and treat contractors unfairly it effects not just the contractor but also their employees.

April knew she could be this voice and pave a better path for other women.
Women Empower US Foundation empowers women in all areas of their lives, from getting off welfare and ending the cycle of poverity, leaving abusive relationships, even from involuntary sex trafficking and prostitution. Over a one to two year-period, we will rescue vulnerable women in need by giving them a hand up and out of bad situations into better ones. We will provide emotional support, counseling, and confidence building. We will help with concrete needs including shelter/affordable housing, food, and clothing. We will provide job training, including driving lessons and obtaining a license, legal help with traffic tickets, learning how to balance a checkbook and open a bank account. We will educate women-at-risk about credit, taxes, personal finance, job interviewing, resume writing, good presentation in an interview, passing college entrance exams to help prepare them for the working world away from poverty and government dependence. We also will offer job training in specific fields such as construction, design, fashion, starting a new business. In doing so, we will help and empower not only women, but their children and families as well.

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