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April Azzolino

Ten years ago an important event happened that changed my life. A client that I was working with explained that she was a consultant with the Inner Peace Movement®, a department of the Americana Leadership College and told me she did these personal profiles tapping into how many guides that are on a person's team and how your inner G.P.S system works with your angels, meaning your own extra sensory perception. I knew I had that. How mine worked, I was unsure. She taught me a clearer way of communication and how sensitive I am too spirit. I now understand my own style, and how many angels that work directly with me. She also helped me understand that everyone on planet Earth has a team and their own G.P.S. system too. I later was qualified to become certified with Americana Leadership College to give lectures and personal one-on-one consultations. This would help people just like me have a better understanding of how sensitive they are too.


Along the way I have studied the healing arts. These include: Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Profiles, Sound Therapy and Sound Point Therapy, Tong Ren, AromaTouch Technique. My studies in a variety of modalities has helped me find healing, helping the body,mind and soul. My purpose is to help others reveal for themselves that they already have their own answers within themselves. All you have to do is start asking the questions. It really is that simple. I have come across some tools that have helped me that I now pass along. By listening to your inner guidance, you can embark on your own path of self-healing.


Shine your Light,


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