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Appleseed Ventures and AIM Academy

Support the Autism Trust USA today!

For the Autism Trust to become a reality, we need your help and your money. People with autism can give back to the community. With the Autism Trust's support their strengths can be played to, so that they can work in a safe environment.

The first priority must be to raise the funds to buy land. Thereafter we can start to build the various centers that will make the Trust a center of excellence for individuals with autism, catering as it will not only to their working/professional lives but also to their health with our world class Wellness Center.

How can you help?

The Autism Trust USA is using a fundraising concept that will allow people to provide significant financial support to us as a non-profit organization while retaining or eve enhancing their personal income and protecting their estate asset level. This has been developed by Ken Grubb who has a long and brilliant career in the insurance industry. He would be more than happy to meet you and tell you more about what is involved and he can be contacted at:


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