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Apple Birth & Wellness

Stephanie Cruse and Brittany Dowell created Apple Birth & Wellness (ABW) in late 2016, after working for many years as solo birth business owners. 


The hallmark of our business philosophy is our compassionate care framework that focuses specifically on nonjudgmental support, self-care (not only for families, but birth workers), and bringing real talk to the table.We believe that both incredible joys *and* challenges can co-exist during one of life's biggest transitions and identity transformations, and we're working to reduce the stigma for new parents around voicing those challenges and seeking external support.


Stephanie is a certified childbirth educator through BirthWorks International, a trained labor and postpartum doula, and a registered prenatal and regular yoga teacher. She's a survivor of PPD with her son in 2012, and PPA with her daughter in 2014. She's trained through Postpartum Support Virginia to be a peer support leader, and her passion is to help mothers trust their instincts and find their true selves. Stephanie hosts a mommy meetup group in Arlington at JOURNEYoga, called Mommy Tea & Talk, every Thursday morning from 10:30-11:30am.


Brittany is a certified childbirth educator through Lamaze, a certified labor doula, trained postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, and a registered prenatal and regular yoga teacher. She just had a baby in March 2017, and is in the thick of newborn craziness! She's passionate about caring for families during labor, and enjoys leading yoga teacher trainings to educator others in how to approach prenatal yoga in a way that supports, rather than prohibits pregnanct women.


Our current services include birth support, family & newborn care, placenta encapsulation, childbirth classes, and wellness services such as massage therapy and private yoga. 

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