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Annie Goni-Stewart

An entrepreneur since age 23, I had done an amazing job balancing my professional life. However, I have done a poor job balancing my own health. Hosting monthly networking events, socializing, business travel, improper sleeping habits, and irregular exercise, helped me pack on 50+ pounds and caused my doctor to recommend I lose weight (or face the risk of heart disease like my Dad who had heart attack at age 50!).  
Frustrated at my multiple failed attempts at weight loss and worried about the prospect of ending up like my Dad, I knew I had to make some lasting changes—and, NOW!  
In June 2016 I met a Health Coach at one of my networking events who helped me identify the imbalances in my life and encouraged me along my journey to Optimal Health™. As of November 2016, I’ve lost 57+ pounds; my cardiologist is thrilled; and I feel amazing, sexy, and confident with tons of energy.  
I decided to become a Health Coach to help others (especially entrepreneurs like me who "do it all") achieve Optimal Health for themselves so they can feel amazing, have increased energy, and experience success in their home and work lives.  
Studies have shown that most people, without additional support and the ability to change their habits, will regain the weight they've lost. As your Health Coach, I'll be there to guide you for every step of your Optimal Health™ journey with Take Shape For Life® to ensure your success. Whether you're looking to reach your ideal weight or sustain your current weight, Take Shape For Life's® innovative products and programs empower and equip you to create Optimal Health™ in your own life!   Annie Goni-Stewart

Certified Health Coach, Optavia

Mobile: (650) 291-5011


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