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Hi, My spending spiraled out of control after a family bereavement. I was at the peak of my career as a yoga teacher, as well being a wife and mother. Shopping became my crutch when I felt down, to pick myself up. This way of dealing with my problems became an expensive habit, that I soon got addicted to, like a drug.  A decade later I had big debts, my business folded and I felt ashamed of hiding the truth.        

                                                            Scared, I got brave.

Little did I know this would be the best thing I ever did. I also had the habit of undervaluing by true potential, which stemmed from tough times growing up, this knocked my confidence as an adult, no matter how good a teacher I was I never felt I was enough. 

Fast forwards to now, I have faced the storm, published my book, professionally speak openly about money and mental health and am also qualified in money mentoring and coaching. And I value myself like never before. Wealth stems from the word well being as is an inside job. Now I am on a mission to help other people in like minded situations. 

I regularly appear on Solent Talk T.V, have been on This Morning T.V as well as featured in The Guardian, The Sunday Mirror Magazine, local papers and radio.

If you and I are not in control GUARANTEE someone else is. The key is in your hand, to take and turn your life around like never before. Know you're worth and worth it. 

Ann Carver

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