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Anglo-Hungarian Bridge

The English and the Hungarians surprisingly have quite a lot in common. Both nations are recognised for their innovation... and even from a psychological perspective there are similarities once you begin to get under the surface.

Events being organised by the Anglo-Hungarian Bridge is to bring together these two countries through bringing together people who are passionate about England and Hungary.

There are very many Hungarian people now living in the UK... and there are a few English people who are beginning to appreciate Hungary too. Although Hungarian is a challenge if it is not your native language... there are those that try... but fortunately English is spoken quite widely by those Hungarians that wish to travel (fortunate for the English)

The purpose of this instance of Eventbrite is to enable us to arrange gatherings where people from England and Hungary can meet on a reasonably regular basis... in both countries... with the specific intention of developing deeper connections, helping each other, sharing knowledge and extending our personal networks.

Whatever happens with the EU... if we work at building connections across country boundaries with forward thinking, self aware people we can begin to create the furture world that we would like to see.

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