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Angie Adams

Angie, 42, moved from the Philippines with her mother and siblings at the age of 8 to live with her stepfather who was in the Air Force at the time. She had already learned to cook rice over an open fire at the young age of 5 years old in the Philippines. Angie remembers having the best meals every night. Living in the Philippines and how her family was brought up they appreciated every food that was set in front of them. It has allowed her to be able to explore, experiment, experience and exhibit many different types of food and flavors. Angie's mother would cook native Filipino foods while she would watch and learn. From her Angie learned the art of making food by taste, sight, and smell. In her teenage years and into adulthood, Angie ended up moving and living with her aunt and uncle who lived in Wisconsin where she learned a whole new world of cooking. Angie's aunt would make home cooked meals of pot roasts, chicken bakes, casseroles, and many other things that she was not familiar with. She also learned that she loved making different desserts, baking, and creating snacks and treats. Having seen and learning the best of both worlds her culinary ability grew and just started cooking while allowing the ingredients to speak to her as she went. Angie chose to do a Filipino American Fusion restaurant with her family where it will be her version of fusing her Filipino roots and growing up American.


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