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Angelie B Love

Angelie is Master Love Coach, NRG healer, core transformation Agent of Change for planetary Evolution. As a Holistic Fitness Trainer; she has 15 years of experience guiding & teaching women about beauty, fitness, relationships and sex 

She specializes in getting her clients fit from the heart out. Her male clients know her as; the Holistic Evolution Support for Human OS 2.2 .She get them fit, from head to toes & from the inside out. She is also known as the Heart Whispering Fairy Godmother for rescuing broken hearted Cinderella's & Sleeping beauties who felt left out of their fairy tale ending...

Her passion is to heal their hearts and chatterproof them; so they can love fearlessly & passionately once healed. Next; when the emotions are calm the body joins in with dance & motion that flood the body with feel good hormones through the power of community of like minded others; there is Joy & laughter; fun to be had by all. She teaches fitness to those who have some physical challenges to overcome but still want to look & be fit.If you can danse; you can join us

Her goal is to change the face of Romance in the 21st Century, and bring back the Magic of Romantic Love by opening up the lines of communications with partners & loved ones & shedding all the negative patterns & past programmings to restore harmony and wholeness.

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