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Angela Meraki + Void's Creation's

Co-founder, Executive Director. Angela manages general administration, strategic planning, social media and internet presence, whilst serving as active programs director and educational coordinator. Angela has a rich and varied background in the arts and collaborative workspace community. Having been a professional freelance figure model for over 10 years, she has extensive social and professional contacts throughout the state that allow her to summon resources within the community that far outweighs her budget. She has served a myriad of support roles in arts and cultural events throughout New England. A Worcester native, Angela also started a small online art boutique called Void’s Creations 8 years ago and has been making and selling her art and jewelry ever since. As a Director of the Worcester Artist Group, a 501-c3 non-profit, she has worked tirelessly building the resources and contacts necessary to administer to the underserved artist and craftsmen population of Worcester. Co-founding The WorcShop gave her the facility to finally enact her vision of a multi-industry tool and crafts cooperative.

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