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The Child Protection Task Force Justice For Children 2016. 

Our mission is to provide information, facilitate peer support and offer assistance to male and female survivors of sexual violence and their friends and family. It is estimated that at least 1 in 6 individuals will experience rape or sexual abuse in their lifetime. For many, the aftermath of sexual violence is isolating and devastating.

 Professionals have said “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”  Some men and women who have been the victim of rape or sexual abuse do not have resources available to them. The child rotection task force justice for children believes that healing is possible, and that every survivor has the right to quality resources. Through our programs and events, many in an online format, we hope to help end that inequality; we do not believe healing tools should only be available to the fortunate few.


The Team 

Alexander (Sandy) Smith.


My name is Alexander Smith but I am better known as Sandy to family and friends and I am no one of great importance nor am I famous but I do have one thing that most people know me for and that is I do care and I do give my support to others in need especially children which I have done for the last forty-six years of my life.

When I was eight years of age one night I was sexually and physically abused in a children’s orphanage where I spent part of my childhood and after that night I suffered badly from depression and on a number of occasions I tried to end my life and for almost fifty years I kept this hidden from family and friends.

After being married to satans daughter for thirty-eight years I divorced my wife but that story is for another day but through the depression and all the bad things that had happened to me one night I tried to end my life once more and almost succeeded.

After spending almost seven months in a psychiatric hospital where I had been sectioned for my own protection and where I rebuilt my life after being released I set up home on my own and this was to be the biggest challenge of my life as now it was up to me to make my life good.

Well today my life is not just good it is excellent to me as I have now got new friends in my life and also the girl I truly loved from my days in the orphanage were we first met but lost contact when she was taken back home to live but in the end Jane Taylor and I have found each other once more.

After I met Jane the true love of my life we both went back to the orphanage where we first met to relive our childhood days and on that day we met up with two sisters Rosemary and Loretta and all we knew at this time was Rosemary and Loretta were also brought up in this orphanage but we did not know which cottage Rosemary or Loretta were in.

As we all walked round the orphanage we came to the cottage I had spent time in and as Jane along with Rosemary and Loretta walked round the cottage I stood at the front as I did not want to pass the kitchen window as it was in that kitchen my childhood ended as my abuser raped and beat me black and blue telling me not to tell anyone and the fear that man put into me lasted for almost fifty years slowly destroying my life.

Eventually Jane and Loretta returned to where I was standing and as I asked where Rosemary was Loretta told me she is still looking at the cottage but I knew something assent right so for the first time since my childhood days I walked round that cottage to find Rosemary in floods of tears staring into the kitchen window.

I then gave Rosemary a big hug and she then looked at me stating my dear brother many times I prayed that someone would look through that window and help me and I also know dear brother what happened to me also happened to you in that kitchen.

By now it was my turn to shed tears as Rosemary and I knew exactly what our abuser put us through all for his own sexual satisfaction not giving a shit the years of hell we would encounter through our life.

That day Rosemary and I put an end to the years of hell we had both had suffered and as we both walked away from that cottage we both now had buried our bad memory’s but Rosemary and I will never forget the years of hell that man made us suffer.

After a few days I decided that I wanted to devote the rest of my life giving my support to adult victims of child abuse so with the support from Jane we both set about setting up a Facebook site which we named Don’t Tell Anyone Scotland later to be changed to its now present name Justice For Children.

It was not long until someone contacted Jane and I and as we gave support eventually we heard the words we both wanted to hear from this person which were no more am I a victim I am now a survivor and those words to me meant so much.

One night as I was checking my Facebook site a man I had never met before came into my life and as we both spoke to each other we both knew we both wanted to help not only adults of child abuse we wanted to help children as well and from that night Andy Peacher and I became not just good friend we became brothers.

Andy is the main man behind the award winning internet radio station Freedom Talk Radio Scotland and today Andy and I now host a Monday night music show which I love doing as our show is done in a relaxing way from other radio shows you listen too.

Andy is also the founder of The Child Protection Task Force and as Andy and I continued giving our support we held a large conference in Lanarkshire where I was the first guest speaker of the day telling my story for the first time about the night my childhood died.

Just before I went on stage that day I told Andy I am so nervous but if my story can help just one person then we have both have done a good job and I will be a very happy man and after I came of he stage that day Jane introduced me to a woman that had come to the conference as a victim of child sex abuse but after hearing my story she now had the confidence to trust in me and over the next few months once again I heard those beautiful words being spoken once more by this woman whose name is Lynn Stroyan as she told me no more am I a victim I am now a survivor.

Next I met Carolyn Robinson another survivor of child abuse so as Andy and I wanted to extend the support we were giving we linked up to give birth to The Child Protection Task Force Justice For Children where now Andy and I along with Lynn and Carolyn work together giving our support so we can hear more victims say no more am I a victim I am a survivor.

To all victims of child abuse we at The Child Protection Task Force Justice For Children want you to know

“We Are Hear For You” to support you so one day you can have that life like we as survivours now have. .

God bless you all,

Sandy Smith.

Carolyn Robinson


Hi my name is Carolyn Robinson – I’m an incest survivor and Author of The Silent Amongst Us which is my own true account. I’m an advocate of EMDR therapy and I life coach about surviving an eating disorder an alcohol addiction and living with complex PTSD.  My book which was written live each week using transcripts from my emdr therapy was written to help others still suffering and was published by United pc in 2015 – funds from sales go to help other survivors.

Andy Peacher


I am Andy Peacher Ceo Of Freedom Talk Radio and a Trustee of The child Protection Task Force Justice for Children.

My journey in to helping others started when we lost 2 children to the care system in 2006 due to lack of support and many agency failures  I was empowered to help others in a similar situation as I really did cry out for help and demanded god showed me a sign he loved me that happened with in the 2 hour time frame I said in my prayers I was so hurt on loosing my kids and wife to mental health I was sure there was no way out this time praying helped me.

After Many years of trying to help families  I felt I should focus more on my own family and  having a wife who has gone through church abuse I would focus more on helping survivors encouraging  them to grow and support each other  from victim to survivor to thriver your not alone and together we are here here for you.

Lynn Stroyan




My names Lynn Stroyan and I am child abuse survivor and I kept my abuse secret for thirty-eight years and it all started when I was four years of age in my bedroom when I was playing with my rocking horse.

I was brain washed as my abuser was a police officer so who would have believed my words of that of a police officer and my abuser told me that my amazing mum would die so my abuse went on till I was eleven years of age. My parents divorced when I as six years of age  so my abuse wasn’t as often as it had been as my abuser was with his new family but I would go at weekends and school holidays where I  seen things I still can’t talk about till this day as they haunt me.

Yes my abuser was my father the man that was suppose to show me how to ride my bike and help me grow not show me how to perform sexual acts at only four years of age.

My abuse stopped when I was eleven years of age and I never had contact with him again till my late teens but for me I never could deal with the crap that was in my head so to block it out I started drinking at the age of thirteen and taking tablets to block out what was in my head and that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

By the age of seventeen I was working full time and seeing him in the street and he stood outside my work day after day blowing me kisses so at night I would get drink and sit on the bus home drinking then out with friends who were not really my good friends as we only had drugs and alcohol in common but it was my way of blocking out the world and the bad memories and this went on till my daughter was born in 1992.

When my daughter was born I would not let anyone near her nor change my daughter’s nappies and the only person I trusted was my mother.

Any  men I have been involved with in my adult life have either physically or verbally abused me then in 2010 I received a phone call and I thought the person phoning me had said  I know  you were abused and bearing in mind I had never told anyone about being abused but what  they actually said  was where  you abused and it was the police who were phoning me and on  Sunday the 31st July 2010 I  first spoke out to the police officer about my abuse as a child and the days that followed I was in shock as more people came forward and  in total seven others did.

When it was time for the court case I felt like a criminal as my abuser could walk about the high court going for a coffee or going outside.

I did not want to see my abuser so I had in place screens in court for me which  arriving at court and I went through a side door to a room with other people who were abused by this evil man  until it was time to give my account of what had happened to me.

On the Wednesday I left the court after two days on the stand which was the most draining thing I have ever experienced in my life where his defence tried to say I had made it up.

That afternoon I walked out of the court and I was in the big park in front of the court house sitting with a family member getting myself together when we heard the sound of sirens and an ambulance and we seen a helicopter flying above which is nothing uncommon in the city and on the Thursday at lunch time I got a phone call from the high court to say the day before my abuser was attacked outside the court by a witness and was fighting for his life and the jury and judge were let go and the court case wouldn’t carry on so all the emotions I had were all over the place and then it hit the national news on TV and the national newspapers. 

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