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Andy Lampard from TheRFactr International

 I am passionate about networking and its benefits to both business and life on so many levels. It is My mission to help SMEs and in particular solopreneurs network regularly, professionally and profitably -formally and informally. However, I am realistic to recognise that there are plenty of New, Skeptical, Jaded Networkers

There is great diversity in Networking and “One size” does not fit all. So The R Factor works with many different business Partners.

The R Factr is NOT a new network club but exists to support existing networking clubs/organisations. It exists to help them with some of the 'heavy-lifting’ , along with our associates and their 'showcase members', it takes to build a new group to expanding an existing group. 

The main way currently is hosting a "Little Acorns Show Case, Academy & Small Biz Ops Expo.
Good referrals for me are Network Club Leaders who would appreciate our Concierge Services. This is done on a NO FEE basis due to Multiple Streams of Income used to finance each event project. As such it is an attractive win-win solution. I am happy to explain how this works in detail 

"During our time together at BoB Networking Andy was an excellent leader for the club organising networking and social events creating a successful, happy and supportive networking group. He developed the group to bring in new opportunities and relationships resulting in increased skills, new business and a certain camaraderie!"

Keith Blake

Client Account Manager at Quorum Print Services Ltd

Andy was very passionate and committed to establishing the BoBClub Wessex networking group. He was a natural networker who brought many guests into the group. He also developed a strong core team around him. The group deserved to be really successful based on the huge effort and contribution Andy made"

Mark Stonham (#LinkedWin) Is your LinkedIn Profile letting you down?

Andy enjoys a well earned reputation for the work he has done in creating awareness for business over breakfast (BoB Clubs). Although I was never able to attend one of his events - they always clashed with mine and there is a limit to the amount of English breakfasts one can consume - those who I know attended spoke highly of the way they were organised. Thanks in no small way to Andy Lampard.

Paul Clegg

Helping entrepreneurs build business networks that drive sales both on an offline. 

 Andy is unusually gifted in generating new ideas, resourcing these and marketing them in persuasive formats. He has good experience in writing and phrasing, in gaining an awareness of what clients want, and in layout and visual

John Mark Molyneux

Community worker at Mustard Tree

 Even back in our early days of study Andy was the perennial entrepreneur. He was always wanting to be in touch with the latest idea and technology that would beneifit both himself and others. Andy has a high personal ethical stance too, and as such is a rare breed in the cut-throat world of ideas people. In Andy you will find honesty, integrity and a tenacious determination to succeed.

Steve Jenkins

Pastor at Life Central Church

more business testimonials at www,\in\AndyLampard



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