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Andrea L. Bowles

Founder and Owner, Memphis Small Biz - a woman-owned, certified business.

After a successful 18 year career as an executive in the banking/finance industry, Andrea left to pursue business ownership. Once in the private sector, she experienced first hand the struggles that small business owners face by not being able to afford legal services, health insurance, and basic consulting services on their own. They often approach important business decisions with a “fingers-crossed” mentality – many times with dire consequences.She made it her goal to seek out solutions that would ease the pain of small business owners by finding top-notch professionals who will provide elite-level services to whole groups of small businesses – taking advantage of the concept of “strength in numbers.”

LEGAL: By gathering a large number of small business who each pay a flat monthly fee, she has enabled small business owners the access to unlimited legal advice, contract review, debt collection help and even trial defense from top-rated law firms. Her array of services also includes unlimited business consultation with long-time professionals in multiple industries. She has sales and digital marketing tools, a DIY website builder, e-commerce capability, web hosting and analysis, and a state-of-the-art CRM with email marketing system.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Memphis Small Biz is also an affiliated agency of one of the largest providers of LOW COST PRIVATE HEALTH COVERAGE PLANS for individuals and small business groups (<50) in the US today. With her business, Memphis Small Biz, she supports small business owners by helping them PROTECT and GROW their businesses AND she enables them to compete in the market with SOLID HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS for their employees.

She makes Small Biz Easy and Profitable.

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