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Anderson & Anderson, APC

Anderson & Anderson is the largest provider of Certified Anger Management Facilitator training in the world. Licensing agreements are now available throughout the United States, Canada, and the Far East. We currently have Certified Anger Management Facilitators in the United States, Canada, Guam, South Africa, Bermuda, Mexico, Cayman Islands, England, the Philippines and Italy. The Anderson & Anderson adolescent and adult curricula is now available in Spanish and English, and our Anger Management Executive Coaching Program is used by Physician Well-Being Committees, Medical Quality Assurance and Hospital Chains nationwide.

George Anderson is a Board Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy, A Fellow in American Orthopsychiatric Association and, the first global provider of Anger Management training, workbooks, videos, DVDs and interactive CDs.  He is the author of "Gaining Control of Ourselves", "Controlling Ourselves", "The Practice of Control", "Parenting in A Troubled World", "The California Domestic Violence Intervention Curriculum", and "Depression, Awareness, Recognition and Intervention".  Mr. Anderson received Post Graduate training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from the Harvard University School of Medicine (1971) and previously taught in the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Pepperdine University, and Simmons College of Social Work.  Currently, he is the major provider of language and culture specific curricula in Anger Management and Domestic Violence Intervention.  His workbooks are published in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and Russian.

"If you’ve ever taken a course from Anderson & Anderson, you would immediately know that you are being served by professionals who have mastered the art of their craft, counseling. 

I have taken two classes and am now on my third one. Each one has helped me gain a deeper insight into myself and into the primary emotions that had me “spinning” with Anger. As I widow, nursing professional and single parent of two teen age sons (6’2″ & 6′ 8″), I thought I was losing my mind. George Anderson, was my Anger Management coach. In fact, George was such a man of great integrity, compassion, and humor that I enrolled my family in the course as well. What happened was a miracle of deliverance from rage! 

I learned that raging (at my sons) was from incredible feelings of fear for their safety and displaced grief. The Anderson & Anderson model helped me identify this dynamic so that I could gain control of my emotions. I found my “soul” again after the sudden and tragic lost of my husband. It helped me heal wounds that I created from “screaming at my sons.” Since I lived in Washington, DC, I brought the CD’s and continued to play them for my family. They have help us restore joy and laughter to our relationship through effective communication and anger management. In fact, I have become a certified Anger Management Consultant (through Anderson and Anderson) and relocated to Cincinnati, OH to provide Anger Management Services at University Central, a private educational consulting firm, to community, churches, colleges, universities, and business. I am so grateful that I found them… In many regards, Anderson and Anderson saved my life and helped me restore my family."
-Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DMC, RN

"From Me to You….

Is he a mere mortal or a visionary that has the ability to see into the recesses of the human soul? I speak of George Anderson, the man who is changing lives and inner spirits. After experiencing Mr. Anderson’s Anger Management Training, I encourage anyone who is seriously considering entering this field to take his courses.

George, words cannot convey my gratitude for positioning me to truly make a difference in the lives of people who are searching for answers to a peaceful existence. I thank you for showing myself and others that Communication, Anger Management, Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence are crucial elements to balancing our forever changing emotions."
-Kathi Britton


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