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And-Hof Animals, Sanctuary for Farm Animals+Permaculture

Our story begins with Henry the Rooster who found refuge at And-Hof in the knick of time, just before being snatched away by a neighborhood force that had very little tolerance for the daily, earpiercing, before-sunrise-wake-up crows of an innocent Rooster. Who would have thought that within a few yeas of Henr's and his Hen Henrietta's arrival they would share their new home with more than 200+ other Farm Animals species in need of rescue...?

Our passion for Animals has transformed the picturesque beauty of the forest into a nurturing sanctuary for discarted Farm Animals, both from domestic homes and industrial farms, where they can live a free and peaceful life.

Our committment to rehabilitating injured and abused Animals is at the heart of our mission, consolidated with the holistic philosophy of Permaculture to create a sustainable environment for fauna, flora and human. 



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