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Ancient Dinners

Ancient Dinners, LLC is a social enterprise that offers hands-on and online learning experiences about health, wellness and longevity based on ancient principles, scientifically proven today. 

Ancient Dinners is more than a cultural event; Ancient Dinners is a lifestyle!  We draw information from credible sources to help people who care about health, not only to better understand the science of being well, but more importantly, to experience it. We purposefully apply values, diets and practices that cross time, like Hippocrates’ enduring principles on health, nutrition and fitness to help contribute to healthier and longer lives. 

Events: We organize friendly gatherings and offer authentic meals with talks in a family style format to celebrate life in ancient and traditional ways. Like in the ancient Greek symposia, or Deipnosophistaí - "The Dinner Sophists", we eat, drink together and engage in learning experiences with conversations initiated by experts in a variety of fields. Art, philosophy, built and natural environment, health, nutrition, fitness are a few, among the many topics, that are offered to help us understand useful matters for a meaningful, healthy and prosperous, long life.

Online learning: We provide online information of various formats, from tips to newsletters, from e-books to White Papers and books in print.

Products: We promote products that align with our philosophy of superior quality with clean, sustainable and honest practices for a better, healthier life and planet. 




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