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An NC & Associates Initiative

IRIS Centre is the result of initiatives by various stakeholders in the resources, energy and investments sectors, supported by government bodies and interest groups. IRIS Centre is a platform:

  • to facilitate capital raising for speculative, development and expansion capital;
  • to provide executive services and assist in a company’s engagement with China; and
  • to promote companies and shareholder awareness

IRIS Centre is to be located within the Bund Financial Zone of Huangpu District with facilities for organisations, companies and participants to enable networking, hosting of forums, events as well as provide a permanent venue to house research and collection of documents, periodicals, annual reports and profiles of companies. Members and visitors are invited to pay a visit and use the premises, including the CEO Lounge while in Shanghai.

IRIS Centre members consists of mining executives, professional services executives, investment bankers, financial executives, legal, accounting and associated industry executives representing corporations, organisations or individuals.

IRIS Events

IRIS specialises in organising CEO presentations from the resources and investments sectors. IRIS Events are networking opportunities bringing potential investors to learn about these listed companies, meet the CEOs and raise funding for resource projects mostly at growth or development stages. IRIS Events are attended by International as well as Chinese financial institutions.

IRIS Funds

IRIS manages the IRIS Growth Fund and our investment approach is simple. We invest in our members’ listed companies only. Our key objectives are to assist member companies during the growth phases from advanced exploration to production stages. The Fund does not take an active role in companies and will not hold more than 10% of equity in a single company. The Fund is currently seeded with US$10 Million and is an open ended fund.


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