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A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol

We all know the story of Charles Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol." Or do we?

In A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol, the audience decides the entire story. Where does Scrooge work? What afflicts poor Tiny Tim? YOU decide. This is not the boring version you have seen 100 times. This is YOUR version.

Since 1985, when A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol debuted, countless people have made this show a part of their holiday tradition. You should too. But, get your tickets early for this one, because we are sure to sell out!

This a perfect way to celebrate the holidays with friends and families, in small groups and large. It is also a great event for your company holiday party. Group rates are available. We have a full bar and can arrange catering. We can't do improv without YOU!

"One you might try, just for a change of pace: "A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol," by the merry improv elves at Unexpected Productions. Yup, they make it all up, with the help of audience suggestions."
Misha Berson
Seattle Times, Theater Critic

"Go. You will be delighted you did"!
Kymberlee D., 12/7/2012