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An Bourmanne

I'm An Bourmanne.


And passionate about people.

Certified coach. 15+ years of experience in corporate.


Learned that "work/life balance" and getting what matters done, doesn't come from applying yet another productivity tool. And that it's possible to find a calm confident focus amidst all the meetings, emails, to-dos and colleagues dropping by.


Learned that being good at something doesn't mean that that is something that we should be doing and build our careers on. And that we find our fire where our talents are.


I believe

we always have a choice - even though not every choice is easy,
everyone wins when we use our talents and strengths
it's not possible to live a failure-free, comment-proof life - and aiming for that only leaves us feeling exhausted, unfulfilled and sad,
it's our willingess to fail and be judged that paves the path to a great, fulfilling life,
we're making ourselves unhappy trying to make everyone else happy,
we're not tapping into our full potential trying to keep up with the shoulds + supposed to's,
time is the most precious thing we have - every minute gone is a minute we're never ever getting back.


So ask yourself - how do YOU wanna spend your life?

When your last minutes comes - what kind of life do YOU wanna be able to look back on?

And then let THAT answer drive what you do.

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