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Master Herbalist Amy Shea is the owner of Wise Waters Botanicals. Her
passion for herbalism was sparked 16 years ago when she began her journy
as an apprentice to Jessie Conaway. She graduated from Green Wisdom School
of Botanical and Natural Medicine in 2015, with nearly 2500 hours completed
of Master Herbalism studies,nearly 600 hours more than was required o
graduate from the program. Amy continues to add to those hours through
her teaching opportunities and self driven study. Her teaching experience
includes serving as a contracted instructor for Green Wisdom post graduation,
as the Materia Medica Instructor for the Master Herbalism Program as well as
beginner level classes and intermediate level classes and teaching sessions.
Amy has a wide variety of interests within the realms of herbalism; and those
interests continue to grow and expand, refine and evolve: herbal materia medica,
medieval herb lore, herbal support for chronic illnesses and cancer, ethical and
sustainable wildcrafting, and plants as a part of spiritual practice. Amy voluneers
as the Relief Action Coordinator for Herbalists Without Borders, an international
grassroots nonprofit humanitarian outreach organization; and helps coordinate
programs for the Winona Herbal Education Society, a community herbalism group.

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