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Hello! Thanks for checking up on me. I am a mom of two boys - one teen, one tween. We're a busy family like most of the families today; with two working parents and kid's that are in perpetual motion. It's a constant challenge to keep up with them and try to keep the family healthy. Teenagers do not want to be burdened with the knowledge that their food is organic or all natural or grown in the back yard; they just want to eat it! They don't really care that their antiperspirant has bad stuff in it, they just care that it works. But I care, so I talk to people, read and experiment with healthy alternatives.

My goal is to keep our health "above the line" by providing a foundation of good nutrition and regular exercise, encouraging growth of the mind and soul and doing everything possible to reduce harmful chemicals and toxins in our life. Truthfully it's a balancing act, but we get there one day at a time. In my search to reduce harmful chemicals and toxins from our lives, I was introduced to therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living. It was love at first drop and I've been happily transitioning us from aerosol sprays containing words I cannot pronounce to spray bottles filled with Purification oil and water (because stinky shoes and gym bags are yuck!). While on my mission to #SwitchToSafer I've discovered some awesome DIY recipes that are chemically reduced, smell amazing and really work. Ask me about my laundry detergent! I am happy to share the recipe :-) 

Amy Lackie
Young Living Independent Distributor


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