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America's Adopt a Soldier



INFORMING AND EDUCATING: Keeping visibility on and addressing the needs of our Service members, Veterans and their Families through the hosting of or participation in Special Events/Workshops (PTSD-Trauma Workshops) Concerts, Speaking and Multi-Media Events.



RESPOND/CARING: Respond to and/or facilitate the stated needs of our Service Members, Homeless Veterans, Veterans, and Family members by providing: Job Placement, Training, Furniture, Housing, Food, Transportation, Financial Support, Clothing and Household Items) by working with our social organizational networks, State, Federal and National Organizations. Task Force Smile: BRINGING A SMILE TO OUR SICK, HOSPITALIZED and CRITICALLY ILL MILITARY CHILDRENthrough enhancing the therapeutic experience by revitalizing treatment and play areas, providing entertainment, toys and games for children receiving care at military treatment facilities. We installed a Toy Storage and distribution area at the Children’s Center in WRNMMC (we collect and purchase toys year-round for our Military Children). REMODELING and DEDICATION of the: MG Harry Greene Military Family Hospitality Lounge- providing a welcoming, clean and safe environment for our service members and their families to relax and reconnect.



CARE PACKING/CARE LETTERS: Annual year-round support and Challenge America (National Packing events). Our goals are to ensure every deployed Service Member, Veteran in a VA hospital or VA home receives a care package, through regional and local partnerships.   Our goals are to ensure every deployed Service Member receive a care package and every Veteran in Veteran in through regional and local partnerships.          


PATH TO STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM (WWPTS): A classroom / bedside computer training program for our Wounded Service members – It is a partnership developed with Dell, Microsoft, Verizon and Sprint. Through the maturity of this program we are able to provided Hardware Capital (Dell Laptop-with MS Office and Windows OS), Knowledge Capital (Four Days of Microsoft Classes) and Social Capital (Active broadband) used to access the internet- connect to Family, Unit, Case workers and the Microsoft on-line academy to complete the individual Microsoft Certifications. These are critical tools for our Service members to continue their training and education, and stay connected with family, social and professional networks/organizations. HOMELESS VETERAN COMPUTER LAB – Skills Center (HVCL-SC): Provide much needed computer labs, training and workshops to enable our Homeless Veterans and Veterans At Risk access and assistance with job searches, resumes, certifications, education, homework, research projects, participating in social activities, staying connected with family, friends and supporters. These HVCL are being installed in every Community Resource and Referral Center -CRRC – Serving out Homeless and At Risk Veterans as they transition to full time employment and housing.