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American Paratus Security Agency (APSA)

American Paratus Security Agency is a security service provider that was formed at the end of 2014 after several years of planning. Our management team is backed by more than 125 years of law enforcement, military, security, and fire fighter experience, American Paratus Security Agency, has the expertise to meet your security & investigative needs.

Our superior security services will add safety to your corporate facility, business, construction site, event, home, or community. Relying on comprehensive knowledge of state law, security, and the local areas, all of our officers & investigators possess split-second problem-solving skills to prevent, deter, and detect criminal activity.

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American Paratus Security Agency provides services in the following states.

Texas (C19653 & F01328), Oklahoma (16SGA-4722), Wisconsin (17188-62,) Mississippi (No State License)

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