Amazonians by Jackie & Dara

Hosted by comics Dara M Wilson (Sketchfest 2018-2020) and Jackie Keliiaa and produced by Bay Area favorite Dominique Gelin, Amazonians is a monthly comedy experience featuring the best woman comedians from the Bay and beyond. Dara and Jackie carefully curate a high-quality event that showcases the diverse female experience, featuring the voices women of color and members of the LGBTQIA community.

A Florida-to-California transplant, Dominique Gelin enjoys offering strong opinions on stupid things, -isms, and flip-flops. Note that flip-flops do not fall into the category of “stupid things.” She has performed at the All Jane Comedy Festival, Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, KQED, and others.

Jackie Keliiaa is an East Bay Native and Ivy League grad serving up intellectual humor from a Native perspective. When she’s not on stage, she’s looking up alpaca memes (it's a way of life!) and smashing the patriarchy <3.

Dara M Wilson is Bay Area comedian and storyteller who’s performed live at SF Sketchfest, Wakandacon, and The Marsh SF. Her specialty is taking the toughest parts of life (racism, house fires, stalkers- she’s experienced it all!) and finding the funny in them. She’s been featured in Essence Magazine, Google Play Music and You can find her (online, where it counts) @daramwilson.