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Alliance for Coney Island

The Alliance for Coney Island, Inc. founded in 2012, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing to improve and revitalize the "The People's Playground."


We bring together Coney Island businesses, community organizations, and residents to work towards a better future for a neighborhood that is home to some 50,000 residents and attracts millions of visitors each year.

In addition to providing neighborhood services such as the Coney Island Sanitation Team, the Alliance promotes local businesses, encourages economic developmet and coordinates many of the events taking place in this one of a kind community such as Friday Night Fireworks, Flicks On The Beach, The Childrens Halloween Parade and much much more.

The Alliance is comprised of representatives from local businesses and nonprofits,  representatives of the Community, the local Council Member, and the Brooklyn Borough President.​  Together we plan new iniatives and programs, partner with the public, private and nonprofit sectiors, and advocate for resources and policies that support the revitilzation of our historic district.


The Alliance is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, accepts tax-deductible contributions, and is governed by a large, voluntary Board of Directors.

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