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Allan Haddad

Allan is kicking off his World Tour in his hometown of Sydney...

Currently aged 24, Allan is very enthusiastic about promoting a healthy lifestyle and inspiring people to find their highest values and live on their purpose.

Throughout the last few years, accumulating more knowledge through doing research by myself, I have discovered an empowering common principle: Doing the opposite of what the mainstream tells us to believe - as good and truthful - is more often than not better for us...but not for their business or agenda.

Allan follows a vegan diet meaning he avoids animal foods, originally because he feels it is an injustice to experience enjoyment at the expense of another being's suffering. Early in my transition to veganism I questioned why we would want to kill animals for food when we already have a healthy, abundant variety of plant foods.

Learning about the injustice to animals was the introduction to a wide spectrum of benefits of plant based nutrition in being a simple solution to the world's problems of disease, deforestation, and sustainable food security. There is a lot more to the story than a simple preference on what I'll have for lunch - this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

I have studied how people have reversed their cancers, heart disease and various other crippling and deadly diseases after transitioning to plant based nutrition. We have been mislead by modern medicine who are not focusing enough on nutritional therapy to remove the cause of injury and allowing the body to heal.

I promote an abundance approach to eating in which you may eat as much as you care for while maintaining or attaining a lean physique. It's not about eating less, it's about eating right. You don't have to exercise if you don't want to - only doing activities for fun and play. 

It has become blindingly obvious to me that mainstream adoption of plant based nutrition is necessary. I embrace the mission to help others understand the reality of the importance of plant based nutrition as a simple solution to a wide spectrum of problems - affecting people, animals and the environment - with more benefits than we can begin to imagine.

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