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All Dolled Up Salons, Stores and Schools

When Faye Bailey founded All Dolled Up (ADU) in 1985, she was making a move of faith with a simple mission: provide clients with a personal touch as she “dolled them up.” She was a married mother of two, fresh off a job in corporate America and pregnant with dreams of becoming a cosmetologist. 32 years and tens of thousands of clients later, ADU has grown into four salons and the Hair in the Spirit/ADU School of Cosmetology, which gives scholarships, provides training and creates jobs. All Dolled Up’s journey has seen the the beautiful, the bold and the difficult – all that comes with growing a global brand. Our family has expanded through a network of amazing clients – from the fly supermom to the glitzy, home-girl celebrity – who’ve been loyal and loving for more than three decades. And the planting of each one of our salons throughout Central and South Florida has presented a set of phenomenal experiences filled with style, passion, imagination, perseverance and extraordinary hair artists.

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